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Hallo Friends!

After 3 years of broadcasting Wilkins Radio Network, Inc. stopped the programs in April 1918. Today I'm prompted to reestablish the website for you to find out how we got to today and why it is time to repent if you havn't already and wish to be in the Rapture.

Cephas Ministry (1992) has suffered a number of setbacks that began in 2012 when our entire ministry was deleted consisting of 70,000 files. Later even though we paid a monthly fee to Google, we were canceled by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Free or postage paid offers on the programs are not available anymore due to lack of help and my handicapped status.

We expect the Rapture any time now since morality in the world knows no restraint. The Antichrist is about to be revealed. Most prophecies in the Bible are fulfilled.

The Tribulation is all that is left till Jesus returns to run the world or what's left of it.

Enjoy the files. God bless you all,

Shalom, Rita Williams







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